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DUMPSTER SIZES -  15, 20, & 30 YARD's

30 YARD   (8' wide x 22' long x 5' height)


The 30 Yard is the most commonly used dumpster that we offer. 

There isn't much difference in pricing, so it offers the best value for your money.  Its also always better to have to much space, rather then not enough. 


Dumpster Rental 30 Yard Maryland Virginia Washington DC
20 YARD   (8' wide x 22' long x 3.5' height)

Our 20 Yard containers are mainly used for the removal of dense materials, such as Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Dirt, etc. as these materials are to heavy for the 30 yard container and may only be loaded 1/2 FULL into 20 yards.     The shorter sides also make it easier to load if you plan on loading debris over the sides, rather then into the back door.


Dumpster Rental 20 Yard Maryland Virginia Washington DC
15 YARD   (8' wide x 14' long x 4' height)

The 15 yard containers are idea for minor projects, or projects with limited space/access.   They are deliveried by a smaller truck, which makes it possibly to drop them in tighter spots where the normal truck will not fit.  (For example, if we enter to enter off an alley in Washington DC


Dumpster Rental 15 Yard Maryland Virginia Washington DC
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